Commercial Security

We specialize in the provision of commercial security services for the fast paced and dynamic business environment in Trinidad & Tobago. We are unique in our ability to handle the security needs of complex locations such as shopping malls, airports, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets.

Our dedicated management team provides our clients with a detailed custom made client specific Standard Operating Procedure for their location. This document forms the basis of service provision and outlines all the intricacy of service that is required.

We understand that the security officer working in a business place is more than simply a security operative. They are entwined in the fabric of the operations of the business. Our officers go above and beyond in their duties and responsibilities in order to provide essential and value adding service provision.   We provide specialized training for complex locations where officers may be responsible for a variety of non-standard operating practices.

We are proud to have highly trained, competent and professional security officers in our organization. We value our officers and through a vigorous recruitment selection process and intensive training thereafter, we develop a superior security officer that we can depend on to meet our clients’ needs.

Our specialization in complex public locations such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants, large retail stores etc. is made possible by our continued commitment to developing our workforce and managing them effectively with innovative and progressive tools and techniques.