Residential Security

We can provide a bespoke residential security services package that fits your specific security needs. Whether you are an individual or a community we can supply the security services that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

We provide residential security officers and/ or security officers with security dogs (K9) to patrol your private residence or community day, night or both. Residents are given a 24hr hotline number to our central control room and a direct number to the security officer on duty.

We have a wealth of experience in residential security services, and the service we provide is notably effective in deterring criminal activity and driving down crime in the area. Our residential security officers have worked in a variety of private and public settings and are highly trained in detecting potential security and safety threats. We provide monthly security reports on the activities that have taken place during the month and make security improvement recommendations for our clients to consider on a regular basis.

We are acutely conscious of providing a service that is superior to our competition in terms of the security officers’ competence level and our management infrastructure. Our focus on service delivery is second to none in the Trinidad and Tobago marketplace. We are constantly improving and striving for betterment and our customers’ satisfaction is paramount to us. This focus is coupled with a highly competitive costing structure that can meet any and all of our various clients’ budgets and security needs.